Sunday, November 13, 2011

Farewell Lynn Fraser

This past week marked the passing of dad's lunch table mate at the care center where he staying.  My dad shared a table with Lynn Fraser, who was also a resident at the care center.  Here is a link to Lynn's obituary.

Both of our families made an effort to have someone there every day to feed lunch to feed them lunch.  Neither dad nor Lynn could feed themselves.

I grew to really enjoy my visits with Connie (Lynn's Wife of 58 years), or other members of Lynn's family each day.  After coming to the Majestic Care Center, we soon learned that our families had previous inter-connections:  As it turned out, Connie's sister Gwen, was my mother's hairdresser for nearly 40 years!  Also, one of Lynn's daughters, Sandy, went to high school with me (Granger High, Class of '76).    It really is a small world!

Lynn and I had what you might say was a "comical" relationship.  For some reason, when  I would sit down at the lunch table to feed my dad,  Lynn would bust out in a huge grin.  Sometimes, he would laugh right out loud!  I never could figure out what Lynn thought was so funny.  I always joked that maybe I was just funny looking!

Not only will I will miss Lynn,  I will also miss my conversations with Connie, and the other members of the Fraser Family with which I became acquainted.  They were a great example of service and devotion to their dad and husband.  Now that Lynn is gone,  I will probably not see much of the Fraser family anymore, since they will not be coming to the care center anymore.  That will be a loss as well.   

My thoughts and prayers are with the Fraser Family.  Thanks for the time we shared, in the service of our loved ones.  May God Be With You.

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